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Edward is committed to quality corporate health education. We offer a variety of topics to increase employee health awareness and encourage self-responsibility to creating a healthy and well lifestyle. If you have any special requests or have a particular topic in mind, we will be happy to arrange an appropriate speaker. Lecture topics are available upon request and are listed below. The fee is $200 per lecture. Contact Occupational Health Support at (630) 527-7696 to coordinate your program. 

Back Injury Prevention Program (RSM 01)
A physical therapist will provide education on anatomy, body mechanics, & posture.  This program will also address the role of stress, resting postures, exercise principles and injury prevention.

Oh, My Aching Neck (RSM 02)
Prevent injuries through education.  A physical therapist will discuss techniques to relieve neck and upper shoulder pain.  Individuals commonly suffer pain in these areas due to sustained periods at a computer or other repetitive job duties.

How to Make Your Workstation Work for YOU (RSM 03)
A physical therapist will provide detailed information about the safest postures and movement patterns for those who work at a computer.  The presentation can be customized to look at issues that are specific to your workplace.

Carpal Tunnel Awareness (RSM 04)
A Rehabilitation Services therapist will provide education on anatomy, body mechanics, posture, stretching exercises and prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  This program will address ergonomic issues, wrist position, and basic workstation modifications.

Exercising with Arthritis (RSM 05)
Exercising will not "wear out" a damaged joint.  Research now shows that osteoarthritis is not the result of normal "wear & tear."  In fact, exercise is good, rather than bad, for your joints.  A physical therapist will describe the recommended levels of activity for people with arthritis, as well as the best way to protect joints during your daily activities.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis (RMS 06)
Osteoporosis is a "silent disease."  A collapsed vertebrae, hip, or wrist fracture can sometimes be the first symptom.  A physical therapist will review the facts about bone and explain how nutrition, medications and exercise can help.


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